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Labor law

Labor law

Spring Legal advises and supports companies of all sizes and professional organizations in their projects, developments and HR transformations, audits, negotiations, training and prevention actions, particularly in the area of quality of life at work and psychosocial risks.

Spring Legal’s lawyers are experienced in both litigation and prevention and in finding negotiated solutions. They support our clients’ interests in conflictual, pre-litigation or litigation situations.

The specificity of Spring Legal’s intervention also lies in the support it offers to companies in the context of internal investigations that must be carried out as soon as a situation of suffering in the workplace has been identified.


Individual labor relations

  • Employment contracts
  • Negotiated terminations and departures
  • Status of managers
  • International mobility – Expatriation

Collective labor relations

  • Collective agreements
  • CSE
  • Professional elections

Quality of life at work

  • Prevention actions – Training
  • Management of crisis situations

Social audits

  • Recovery audits
  • Compliance audits

Social litigation

  • Individual and collective litigation
  • Mediation
  • Criminal labor litigation
  • Social security litigation

Companies in difficulty

  • Restructuring
  • Support for companies and corporate officers
  • Wage guarantee insurance litigation

Internal investigations

  • Collection of alerts (harassment, discrimination)
  • Setting up and managing investigations