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business and
industrial contracts

Spring Legal’s lawyers advise and assist their clients in the design, drafting and negotiation of their business contracts, according to international standards, in French and English.

Spring Legal has extensive expertise in negotiating and drafting contracts specific to complex transactions or certain sectors of activity.


Commercial relations management

General conditions of sale
General conditions of purchase
Confidentiality agreements
Letters of Intent
Invoicing and payment terms

Negotiation and drafting of business contracts

Spring Legal’s lawyers assist their clients in the implementation of their contractual policy and assist them in the drafting and negotiation of business contracts, including the following:

Buy/sell contracts
Service contracts
Industrial contracts
License and maintenance contracts
Contracts of business contributor
Advertising contracts
Event contracts

Supervision of commercial practices

Spring Legal accompanies the development of their clients’ activities in compliance with applicable national and European legislation.

Spring Legal’s lawyers assist in the implementation of a strategy for the development and supervision of business practices at various levels:

Commercial negotiation
Unfair commercial practices
Regulation of products and services
Protection of personal data
Advertising and sales promotion
Sponsorship and public relations
Outsourcing of services


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